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My Old Wonderful Memory Pictures

This 128 bit multi comparator was designed by Caltech students
including Hagiwara under the guidance of Prof. C. A. Mead and
fabricated in Intel Fab Line. This may be historically the first
univeristy and company colaboration example in the world.

Hagiwara Bio in 1976 shows that Hagiwra was very much interested
in the artificial intelligent partner system (AIPS). Intel is also very
much interested in AI. Intel means intellignece, intelligent chips.....

In early 1970s, when IBM scientist described the MOS scaling
rule in IEDM conference. Dr.Gordon Moore predicted the growth
rate of his company (Intel) according to this scaling rule. And
Prof. C. A. Mead named Moore's preidction as the Moore's Law.
Hagiwara was a student of Prof, C. A. Mead and immediately
understood this Moore's Law. But Hagiwara found out that,
to have the active circuits in the small picture element area
of image sensors, Hagiwara had to wait till the 21 century.
Hagiwara could not wait and thought the CCD is the savior
meanwhile, until CMOS technology becomes well advanced.

Hagiwara Publication List

What is Pinned Photodiode ?

Study Special Relativity Theory

What is Abura Wake Zan ?

Study Korean for Your Enjoyment

Enjoy C-programming.





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