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Hagiwara 's early contribution to the image sensor world.
Japanese patent 1975-134985
  on the P+NP junction photodiode on N substrate.

This is the original 1975 Japanese Patent
on the SONY Hole Accumulation Diode (HAD).

Original Paten Claims described in Japanese Language,

To get the Original Patent Claims described in Japanese Language,

please visit Japanese Patent Office Web Site.


(1) Select the Patent Mark

(2) Type in "1975-134985" and push the search botton.

Original Patent Claims translated in English Language,


This is a very old forgotten patent of mine filed in November 10, 1975.

Hagiwara filed two more Japanese patents before this JAP1975-134985.

They are JAP1975-127646 and JAP1975-127647. These two patents
were intended to be applied in the three dimensional image sensor system
with the back light illumination scheme and the MOS buffer memory
for the global shutter function which is very much needed in the modern
three dimensional high performance CMOS image sensor structures.

Imediately after Hagiwara joined SONY on February 20, 1975, with a
very fresh idea, Hagiwara filed these three basic patents on Pinned
Photodiode and SONY HAD concept.

Hagiwara forgot completely the details of these patents and did not
disclose the details to the international community. And no one
including Hagiwara himself did not pay atention to these patents.

Sorry, it was all Hagiwara's problem making so
much confusions to the image sensor world.

Recently Hagiwara published in the 3DIC2019 conference a paper titled

"Multichip CMOS Image Sensor Structure for Flash Image Acquisition"

Hagiwara Publication List

What is Pinned Photodiode ?

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What is Abura Wake Zan ?

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